How to treat a London escort from an agency

Hiring a London escort is not all about the money you give. It is an art that one should master whatsoever. Spending a few hours or even a day with an escort can give you a memorable moment in life. However, you ought to show respect to her to get the best out of the meeting. The fact that you have paid for her company and sex does not guarantee you disrespect her. Some escorts have experience in the industry and can discern a client who has ever had a meeting with an escort before and never.

Here are some of the things to observe

1. Ensure you contact the agency – all escort and agency escorts in London take clients booking via a phone call. You are required to do an incall phone call if you intend to visit an escort. It allows them to capture your phone number so that they can call in case anything changes.

If you are looking for an outcall escort to come over, 90% of the agency will ask for your landline number they can use to reach out to for booking confirmation. If you want the escort to visit you in the hotel, you must give your hotel room number and the name you gave while booking the room. Be clear in your details and answer questions well as many escorts may not entertain someone who is not straight forward.

2. Private meeting – when you are booking your escort, you do it as an individual, and no escort expects to be in the company of any other person except one that booked her. In case she comes over and finds that you’re more than one, she may suspect you have some hidden agenda and walk away.

Most of the outcall meeting with sex doll happens in hotels and park. They prefer them since they can liaise with the management team and confirm you are there to avoid time-wasting. Additionally, a hotel is a busy place that offers more security compared to other places.

3. Have timely and respectable sex – it is always recommendable by the agency to respect an escort. If you have booked her and you have met, don’t jump to sex straight away. She may take it as disrespectful and being rude. It is deemed as an unprofessional way and she might not like it. She might not deny you sex, but she will not have a pleasure having it.

The agency advises to have at least a conversation since escorting may not be her full-time job but working in an office like you. She will have a good experience with you and perhaps open up and tell you about herself. If you give her a warm welcome, she will most likely be in her moods and, finally, ask for sex. Both of you can enjoy it since you two want it. You can tip her for the service after that meeting.

4. Payment process – when you have met with the escort, it is good to handle the payment amicably. Most of the London escorts prefer cash payment and not any other mode of payment. Never think of giving those checks, credit cards, and what have you. They deem them unsafe, and again the industry is cash dominated.

If it’s an incall meeting, have money in cash, and never give money while still outside. The exchange of sex for money is a crime in the UK. Don’t come with less money, and if you do, then the agency can blacklist you and share your details with other escort agencies around to make sure you never get their services anymore for such a mistake.


If your meeting with your chosen London escort is over and you have enjoyed, agencies recommend posting about the forums’ experience. Give your escort a positive review to enable her have more clients in the future. However, if her services were not up to your expectations, don’t be too angry. At least give a compliment and use the right words to express your disappointment.